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  • Quiz: What Kind of Mermaid Are You?

    Hey everyone! As most of you probably know, the current book series I’m working on, Daughters of the Sea, is all about mermaids. Although I’m getting kind of old for it, I’m still super obsessed with these amazing fantasy creatures! In the lore of my underwater fantasy world,…

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  • Why Should Writers Read Books?

    Being a writer isn’t just about writing: it’s about improving your skills and learning along the way. But some writers struggle with reading. Why should writers read books? One great way to start writing better is to read more. Reading automatically shapes your ability to write and helps…

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  • Fan Fiction Written By Caleb: Poppleton’s New House

    My youngest brother, Caleb, is also an aspiring author. At only age five (though he’ll soon be six), he is already writing stories of his own. Today, I will share some fiction by Caleb. One of his favorite picture books to read is the Poppleton series by Cynthia…

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  • 14 New Year’s Resolutions for Writers

    This coming year, 2022, most people are working on their goals and resolutions for the new year. But what about your resolutions as a writer? How can you improve your writing skills this new year? Here are some New Year’s resolutions for writers. Create New Writing Habits: Habits…

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  • 8 Christmas Story Starters and Writing Prompts

    Christmastime is a busy time for most people, but for those that want to sharpen their writing skills while also having some fun writing a fictional story, writing a Christmas story is a great way to go. I decided to compile a list of Christmas story starters for…

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  • 3 Ways to Create Suspense in your Story

    Every story-writer wants a good, suspenseful story for their readers. Good suspense keeps your readers interested in the book and makes them want to read more. When I read books, I normally have a time limit for how long I should be reading. Well, if I get a…

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  • Using Real-Life People as Characters in your Story

    I recently read a book called Gulliver Wimple and the Gems of Dara Mhor by Gary Bower (who, by the way, lives here in Michigan). I highly recommend the book, and to read more about it, you can visit my Book Recommendations post. Gary Bower actually uses a very…

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  • How to Keep an Idea Journal for your Story

    Have you ever had an awesome idea for your story while you were out running errands or just away from home, and then when you get home and are ready to implicate your idea, you’ve completely forgotten what it was? Writers often do this, and after a while,…

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  • How to Create Relatable Characters in your Story

    Creating relatable characters is one of the most vital parts of writing your story. If readers aren’t able to relate to your characters, then the story will be boring for them and then they won’t want to read it. So here are a few tips on how you…

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  • Character Flaws List: 30 Different Character Flaws to Use for your Fictional Character

    Every character in your story, regardless of whether they are the bad guy or good guy, needs at least one flaw. Every human person has flaws, even if it seems like they don’t. Some are more obvious, and others are less. But if you want your fictional character…

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