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The Song that Silences

Kali Krosfern is the most popular girl in the most elite high school in the entire world of Novaterra – the New World Academy (NWA). She is mostly content with her life, but she has just one secret: she has a gift for music. And in Novaterra, all forms of art, including music, are forbidden. Because too much influence creates disunity. And disunity creates war.

Kali doesn’t sing often – only when she’s alone. But sometimes the music threatens to rise up from her, and she needs to keep it down. With just one singular note, she could lose all her friends, as well as everything else she’s worked so hard to gain in life.

But when Kali is caught unintentionally meeting with a group of Expressionist rebels, she is thought to be a traitor to the entire system of Novaterra. She must either choose to join the band of Expressionists and let her own song run free, or conform to the System and allow her world to stay the way it has always been.