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What’s Their Name? – Blog Tag

Hey everyone! Some of you may have noticed some changes around the blog here because I’ve been redesigning some things. Be aware that the site is still under construction, but I have officially finished my landing page! Let me know what you all think!

Now, onto the post. My blogger friend Miley recently started her own tag about characters, and I thought it was super cool, so I took the time to do it (even though I normally try not to do very many blog tags).

So this tag is called the What’s Their Name? Tag and it’s basically where you get to share some information about one of your original characters! Today, I’ll be sharing a little bit about the main character in my new novel, The Song that Silences.

Let’s get started! Here are the rules for the tag:


  1. Don’t take other people’s words or ideas.
  2. Make sure the story is kid-friendly.
  3. Don’t be mean or bully others with your post.
  4. Fill out the question as the characters were at the beginning of the book.
  5. You can tag up to seven bloggers
  6. Make sure to email Miley (the creator of the tag) at when you complete the tag
  7. Link back to the blogger who created the tag (Miley Simmonds)


  • What’s their name? Kali Krosfern.
  • What’s Their Role? (Sidekick, Main Character, Villain, etc.) She is the main character in the story.
  • Do they love anyone? That’s not for you to know yet. 😏
  • Do they have any relatives? She has an older brother (who is currently the ruler of the entire world), and she has parents. She doesn’t see any of her relatives very often, though.
  • Inspiration for the character? Kali is actually somewhat inspired by myself. She’s also inspired by some “popular” girls I’ve known over the years. She’s very extroverted, and she’s also very driven to get things done. (And very competitive). She typically has a one-track mind and does not easily quit. She loves people, and tries really hard to fit in. In those ways, she can be very similar to me. 😅
  • Backstory? She used to be really close with her brother, Aaron. Up until the time she turned ten, they would play together and do a lot of things. She would even sing songs for him. But as Aaron got older and began working for the government, their relationship drifted apart. Kali was sent off to NWA (New World Academy), and Aaron soon became the youngest Genesis of Novaterra.
  • Dreams? Fears? Currently, she wants to improve at the TechNether simulation games. She also tries hard to get Luke Brendan to notice her. She tries her very best to live up to people’s expectations of her. She’s afraid of failure, and she’s afraid that she won’t be able to live up to expectations.
  • Friends? She has many friends. Her closest friend is Reneigh. She’s also sort of friends with Zak. And then she has hundreds of other people she considers “friends”, but she isn’t very close with any of them.
  • What is the story’s name? It’s called The Song that Silences.
  • Blurb of the story?
    Kali Krosfern is the most popular girl in the most elite high school in the entire world of Novaterra – the New World Academy (NWA). She is mostly content with her life, but she has just one secret: she has a gift for music. And in Novaterra, all forms of art, including music, are forbidden. Because too much influence creates disunity. And disunity creates war.

    Kali doesn’t sing often – only when she’s alone. But sometimes the music threatens to rise up from her, and she needs to keep it down. With just one singular note, she could lose all her friends, as well as everything else she’s worked so hard to gain in life.

    But when Kali is caught unintentionally meeting with a group of Expressionist rebels, she is thought to be a traitor to the entire system of Novaterra. She must either choose to join the band of Expressionists and let her own song run free, or conform to the System and allow her world to stay the way it has always been.
  • What are their habits? Kali has a habit of swiping her long hair out of her face every two seconds. 😂 She also keeps her hands in her pockets a lot.
  • Random fact about them? She loves earrings and has tons of them.
  • Personality? She is an ESTJ-A and a mix of Enneagram Type 1 and Type 3. She is driven, caring, perfectionistic, can be silly sometimes but also deadly serious, loves sarcasm, can be flirty or extremely sarcastic, extraverted, mostly outspoken, can be stressed sometimes but loves attention and social, is secretly insecure but doesn’t show it, she is afraid of failure.
  • Hobbies? When she was younger, her hobby used to be singing. But when singing was banned, she lost her passion and instead chose to bury herself in schoolwork. So she currently doesn’t really have any hobbies.
  • Inspiration for the story? Well, I always knew I wanted to write a dystopian story, but dystopian is often more of a dark genre, so I thought it would be cool to write a lighter dystopian story (not that this story doesn’t include any heavy elements, it just isn’t so dreary as some). And I always love a good high school drama/romance story, so I decided to mix the genres!
  • Anything else? Nope, that’s all!


So that’s the tag! Here are the people I’m tagging:

Here is a clean copy of the questions:

  • What’s their name?
  • What’s Their Role? (Sidekick, Main Character, Villain, etc.)
  • Do they have any relatives?
  • Inspiration for the character?
  • Backstory?
  • Dreams? Fears?
  • Friends?
  • What is the story’s name?
  • Blurb of the story?
  • What are their habits?
  • Random fact about them?
  • Personality?
  • Hobbies?
  • Inspiration for the story?
  • Anything else?

Also, I created this graphic for the tag if anyone wants to use it! 😁

I hope you all have a good week!

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9 responses to “What’s Their Name? – Blog Tag”

  1. Madisyn Carlin Avatar
    Madisyn Carlin

    Thank you so much for tagging me! I am currently stuck on my current WIP, so this will help tremendously.

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Of course! Yeah, I hope you get unstuck soon!

  2. Saraina Avatar

    Ahhh, she’s an ESTJ! That’s so fun! I loved getting to know more about Kali – I’m just getting more and more excited for The Song that Silences. (And by the way, I love the new blog design!!!!)

    Thank you for tagging me, Annabelle!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Thanks, Saraina! She’s really fun to write!

      Of course!

  3. Kaley Kriesel Avatar
    Kaley Kriesel

    Ok this tag is literally the coolest- and I so want to read this book now!!!!

  4. Emma Thrasher Avatar

    Ooooh, this story sounds so cool. Are you going to publish it when it’s done? (That might be a bit premature of me to ask XD )

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Yes, I think I will publish it, most likely after I finish my Daughters of the Sea series. Thanks!

  5. Miley Simmonds Avatar

    Thanks, Annabelle I’m glad you enjoyed it. Also, I love the graphic thanks!!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      You’re welcome!! <3