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Month: June 2021

  • 2 Basic Character Chart Templates

    I am a person who loves to plan. For me, it’s hard to not have everything planned out and sketched out for my stories. I like everything to be organized. For each character I make, I try to create some kind of character chart/description to use for my…

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  • How to Write an Opening Sentence for Your Story

    One of the hardest parts of writing a fictional story is figuring out what to write in the opening sentence. How do you write something that will instantly intrigue and excite your readers? There are lots of ways you can begin your story, but here are five of…

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  • Writing in First Person vs. Third Person

    When I started writing my most recent novel, Identity, I couldn’t decide which viewpoint to write in: first person or third person. I had used third person in the past, but that was mainly because it was what I knew and was used in most books I read.…

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  • 40+ Books for Teenage Readers

    This post is about my favorite books for teenage readers like myself. Everyone needs a good book, and that includes teenage readers too. That’s why I’m helping all of you by giving you a long list of recommended books for teenage readers. I’ve organized the books in alphabetical…

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