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Hey everyone! As most of you probably know, the current book series I’m working on, Daughters of the Sea, is all about mermaids. Although I’m getting kind of old for it, I’m still super obsessed with these amazing fantasy creatures! In the lore of my underwater fantasy world, there are four tribes of mermaids: Ocean, Lake, River, and Ice. I thought it would be kind of fun to make a quiz to find out which kind of mermaid you are most like.

At the end of this post, I will share what kind of mermaid I would be, based on the quiz and my own personal opinion.

Before we begin, here is an excerpt from the end of the first book in my series, Identity, which explains the similarities and differences between the four tribes of mermaids:

Ocean Mermaids

Ocean mermaids are mermaids that live in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. That includes kingdoms like Reefinia and Roarien [these are some of the kingdoms in my book]. Maria [the main character] and all of her mermaid friends and enemies are ocean mermaids. Most ocean mermaids have a solid color tail with a different color fin, and they sometimes have natural highlights in their hair that usually matches their tail color. A lot of ocean mermaids have long hair, but sometimes they cut it short. They are not sensitive to the cold of the ocean and can adapt to just about any temperature.

River Mermaids

River mermaids are the most different type of mermaid. They have tails that are very long, and their tail fins are more thin and wispy. Their tails reach up to their chests, and their hair is usually short and one solid color, matching their tail. They live in rivers, traveling with the current and occasionally stopping on rocks or at lakes.

Lake Mermaids

Lake mermaids are the most similar to ocean mermaids. They have a solid-colored tail and fin that can sometimes transform colors when it hits the right light, but they have no natural highlights in their hair. They love all kinds of jewelry and anything shiny. They have long hair and usually tie it in a low ponytail or sometimes a bun. They are also known to be more feisty and mean toward other mermaid tribes.

Ice Mermaids

Ice mermaids live up north near the cold countries of Greenland and Iceland. They most often have wavy stripes on their tails and they have highlights in their hair just like ocean mermaids. They are used to living in the cold, so it can be hard for them to live in warm climates. They do wear gloves and a woolen cloak to keep them warm, but other than that they are unaffected by the freezing temperatures of the water. They also have a Greenlandian accent.

So here is the mermaid quiz! Let me know in the comments below what kind of mermaid you are!


Now, here is the tribe of mermaids I would be: (drumroll please...) I am an Ocean Mermaid! I would by far prefer to live in the ocean, and I think it's cool to be able to adapt to different temperatures. I also love having long hair, and, though I don't have any yet, I would love to get colorful highlights too!

What kind of mermaid were you? Did you enjoy learning about these different kinds of mermaids? What precisely would you look like if you were a mermaid?

You can share your thoughts in the comments below!