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9 of my Favorite Young Writer Blogs

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There are tons of blogs out there, but often the best ones never get noticed. I love blogging, but I also love reading other people’s blogs. There are plenty of young writer blogs out there which are so amazing, but they don’t always get noticed as much as they should be.

So, in this week’s post, I’m going to go through several of my personal favorite young writer blogs, just like mine. I want you to note that I did not write these in order from least to greatest. I love all of the young writer blogs I’m mentioning in this post, and I don’t want to make this a competition for who’s blog is better.

So enjoy reading this post, and I encourage you to support some of these amazing bloggers!

1. Discipleship with Joy

Discipleship with Joy is a great blog run by a great Seventh-Day Adventist, Joy C. Woodbury. I absolutely love all of Joy’s posts on Biblical fiction, Christian books, and helping Christian writers write better. She is currently writing a book called Where Faith Remains, and I can’t wait to read it!

2. Sunshine in the Haze

Sunshine in the Haze is a blog I follow that posts awesome things for young Christian writers. The author of this blog, Autumn Rebecca, is a great Christian writer, and I love reading all the amazing Bible verses she has scattered over her website.

3. The Homeschooled Girl

I love this blog, as the author of it, Pearl Christine, is a homeschooled girl just like me. (Go homeschool!) Pearl has three categories that she posts each week: Scripture on Sunday, Talk on Tuesday, and Surprise on Saturday. Each week on these three days she posts a new article. I love reading about Pearl’s life and her wonderful writing and insight.

4. Alicia Marentitte

This blog is a personal blog started by Alicia Marentitte. She posts many interesting articles about her personal life and what she likes to do, and I really enjoy reading what she has to say.

5. Glorify Christ

Glorify Christ blog is a website started by a teen girl named Heaven. She posts all about how to live a life that glorifies God. Her articles help me so much and really give me some great insight. Heaven is so passionate about Jesus and loves living her life for him.

6. Writing Daisies

Writing Daisies is a great blog started by a young author, Daisy Torres. I always enjoy reading something new from Daisy. Her articles are so fun and interesting. Currently, she is posting two chapters a week of her novel on her blog, Smoke and Mirrors, for free! I highly recommend reading what she has so far!

7. Kayleigh Idea

Kayleigh Idea runs a great blog for young writers, where she posts tons of great writing tips and fun articles. All of her content is super helpful, and I really enjoy reading her blog.

8. Madi’s Musings

I only recently subscribed to this blog, but already I love it! Madisyn is a fantasy writer who recently finished her book, Deceived, which is part of The Deception Trilogy, and she is publishing it April 26, 2022. I can’t wait to read it! Other than that, she also posts book reviews and other awesome resources for writers.

9. Sarah Writing

This was a blog started very recently this year, but already I can see plenty of potential for it. Sarah, the writer of the blog, is beginning to write some awesome things about her writing life and other things like book reviews. I can’t wait to read more from this blog!


So those are several of my favorite blogs started by young writers! I love all of these blogs, and I always look forward to hearing more from them.

My challenge for you this week is to check out some of these blogs and support these young writers who put so much time and effort into their work.

What are some of your favorite blogs? Do you have a blog you would like to share? How do you like this post? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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17 responses to “9 of my Favorite Young Writer Blogs”

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  2. Sarah Lawton Avatar

    Awe thanks for putting me on your list Annabelle! I’ve definitely recommended your blog and I am planning to take inspiration from this idea for my own posts! Thanks again girl!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Yeah, you’re welcome!

  3. Selah Shupe Avatar
    Selah Shupe

    checking all of these out! glad for the recommendations! i can’t wait to follow them! thanks girlie

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Yeah, no problem! These are awesome blogs.

  4. Joy C. Woodbury Avatar

    Aw, thank you so much for including me, Annabelle! I’m honored to be on the list. 🙂

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Yeah, you’re welcome! ❤️

  5. Madisyn Carlin Avatar

    Thank you, Annabelle! Echoing Autumn: Madi’s Musings has never been featured as one of someone’s favorites.

    I already follow about half of these blogs/websites, but I’ll be sure to check the others out!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      You’re welcome! I love helping other writers out, as I said below. 🙂 Keep up the good work on your blog, because you’re really good at it!

  6. Tasha Van Kesteren Avatar

    I follow most of these blogs and they’re great!! Fun fact, I know Alicia in real life! She’s a really great friend!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Wow, awesome! Alicia does seem like an awesome person based on her blog. 🙂

  7. Pearl Christine Avatar

    Awww, Annabelle *hugs* Thank you so much for adding me on here. <3 It means a lot. I am going to go check out the other blogs now. A few of them are already favorites. e

    (Random but I literally just wrote up a post last week like this. )

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      No problem! Oh, that’s cool you wrote a blog post like this too! I’ll be sure to check it out.

  8. Autumn Rebecca Avatar

    Aww, I have never been featured as someone’s favorite blog! (One of them, anyway.)

    Thank you so much, Annabelle! That means a lot to me. I cannot wait to check out all the other blogs in more depth!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      You’re welcome! I’m glad to help other writers like me. 🙂

      1. Kayleigh Idea Avatar
        Kayleigh Idea

        Aw, this post is so cool! Thanks for including me, Annabelle.

        1. Annabelle Avatar

          Yeah, no problem! 🙂