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Interview with Aletheianna Mercy

Happy Monday, readers! Today I will be sharing an interview I did with a 13-year-old blogger and writer, Aletheianna Mercy.

Aletheianna has a blog called Notes of a Feather Pen that was recently launched. She shares writing tips, prompts, and more! If you’re interested, you can find her blog here.

So here is the interview! All my questions are bolded, and Aletheianna’s answers are below in normal text.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a strong committed Christain who writes for the Kingdom to inspire and motivate others in taking action on what Jesus wants us to do. I am thirteen years old, born December 7th 2008. I live out here in Eastern Washington, where the water level is higher than everywhere else. We live half an hour away from our church over North, and half an hour away from Town down South. We have a farm, with 17 Cows, 4 Goats, 1 Sheep, 7 Cats, 3 Kittens, 11 chickens, 1 Rooster, and 3 Dogs. I am the tenth child of fourteen; our youngest went to Heaven five years ago. I love Horses and Butterflies, I have amazing parents and family, and our Church is AMAZING! My parents were there when it was started, and we still have the same pastor and most of the same people! God is so good!

What inspired you to start your blog, Notes of a Feather Pen?

When God put it on my heart to start writing for the Kingdom, and using a Blog to do that! 

What do you enjoy most about writing?

That you can slip important messages into it, and it really speaks to people. And that you get to create the world, atmosphere, and characters! It’s an amazing opportunity to use your imagination in amazing and educational ways. 💻

Why do you write?

I write to get the message of Hope and God’s Kingdom out to the people who need it! 

What is your main WIP (Work In Progress)? What is it about?

My main WIP is “The Road to Destiny”. It is the first book in a series. 📔

Here’s the Blurb:

A fifteen year old boy, Euric, is living with his old Uncle in the Dark Age. Before his Uncle’s passing, he gives him a map and tells him to claim his Father’s Land. Euric knew his father was an Honorable Knight, but he died when he was just a baby in one of the Great Battles. His mother disappeared when he was a young lad, being left to his Uncle. Euric leaves after burying his Uncle. When he reaches the bottom of the Mountain after several miserable days of traveling he meets two runaway siblings: brother and sister Lindir and Liadreil. After many daring adventures together they discover who they are at Lord Elberin’s Elven house Elefia. Euric and Lindir must go to battle, but his sister Liadriel must remain with the Elves. Liadriel begins to have feelings for Euric, but will she ever see him again?

Will Euric and Lindir live from the Battle? Will Liadriel ever get to tell Euric her feelings? 

My sequel (which is just in the first draft) is currently called The Conquer of Adhmád; title may be changed later. And the third book to that is called Audra’s Quest, and the fourth book is not yet named, but it is the backstory on Euric’s parents. 

What are your writing goals for the next year? Next month? Next week?

Next Week: To be able to finish my first Book’s writing and editing.✒

Next Month: To be able to have all the illustrations/book covers made for it, and start writing the second chapter of “The Conquer of Adhmád”.

Next Year: To have my book, The Road to Destiny, published! 📚

Who is your favorite author? Why?

It’s hard to pick one, but I’d say J.R.R. Tolkien – because of the world-building, character arcs, likable and relatable characters, and amazing storyline he gives in The Lord of The Rings series and The Hobbit. 

It’s just an amazing story, and I love how it works well, and you never know what’s coming next. 

If you could only give one piece of advice to another writer, what would you say?

Stay consistent, stay committed, and write for the Kingdom! Sorry, that was three, but basically all the same point. 😉 That doesn’t mean you don’t write other things too, but it should all be pointed towards the Kingdom of God! People need to hear your message, people need to know God still loves them, you can be a major impact and game-changer there! 

So that’s the interview! If you have any questions or comments regarding Aletheianna and her blog, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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13 responses to “Interview with Aletheianna Mercy”

  1. Payton Gardner Avatar

    Awesome interview Aletheianna!!!!!!!

  2. Ava Coulter Avatar
    Ava Coulter

    Awesome interview!!! And you wip… ahhhh that sounds like my kind of book!!!

  3. Aletheianna Mercy Avatar

    I have finished the book, it’s still in the editing though. I am posting snippets of it on The Young Writers Workshop (YDubs) so if you are on there, you could read them and figure out! 😉

  4. Aletheianna Mercy Avatar

    Thank you very much Joelle!

  5. Luella Treto Avatar
    Luella Treto

    Oooohhhh! I would love to read some of her books some time! And I agree, God is Good!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Yes, her books are super good!

  6. Joelle Stone Avatar


  7. Jayne Avatar

    It makes sense now, the Elven roots being inspired by Tolkien. Are you going to have Euric as Liadriel’s guardian?

  8. Aletheianna Mercy Avatar

    Thank you Isabella and Saraina! 😉

  9. Isabella Avatar

    Woah—one of fourteen children?! That must be pretty fun. I’m one of three and I still almost never run out of things to do with my brother and sister. I will definitely check out Notes of a Feather Pen!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      I know, right? I’m one of four. 🙂 And yes, Notes of a Feather Pen is such an amazing blog!

  10. Saraina Avatar

    This was a fabulous interview!!! 😀 It was so nice to get to know more about Aletheianna! (And I can’t wait for “The Road to Destiny”! 😉 )

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Yes, I agree! And I can’t wait for “The Road to Destiny” either! It’s going to be an amazing book. 😉