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  • Interview with Luella Treto

    Once upon a time, there were two authors. One was named Annabelle, and the other was named Luella. Annabelle ran a blog where she interviewed other writers, so she decided she should interview Luella. By Annabelle’s request, the two authors met with each other in the magical land…

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  • 4 Steps to Creating a Sinister Villain (Guest Post by Karli Roth)

    Hey everyone! I come to you today with a very special guest post written by my writer friend, Karli Roth! Karli has some amazing tips to share with you all today about creating a sinister villain. In my opinion, villains are some of the most important and exciting…

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  • Spotlight: Rise of the Living Wood by Kylie Beevers

    Hey there, readers! Today I get to spotlight the second edition of the book Rise of the LivingWood by Kylie Beevers, which is part of her series, The LivingWood Chronicles. I’m super excited to share about the second edition of this book, which was just released at the…

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  • Interview with Kaytlin Phillips (Writers’ Vision Blog Tour)

    Hey readers! Today I will be sharing an interview I recently did with the author Kaytlin Phillips. As some of you may know, I prefer to interview authors either in person, or on a video call, and then transcribe it later. That way it feels more personal. So that’s…

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  • Interview with Rue Arrow

    Rue Arrow is a wonderful writer and friend of mine, who I had the pleasure of interviewing last month. Some of you may remember her story, Remembering Laughter, which won first place in the short story contest not too long ago.  Now, today, you will get to read…

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  • Interview with Gary Bower

    A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of interviewing a professional author in person: Gary Bower. Gary writes books for toddlers as well as teenagers. He has written over a hundred books and published a number of them. His novel, Gulliver Wimple and the Gems of Dara…

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  • Interview with Aletheianna Mercy

    Happy Monday, readers! Today I will be sharing an interview I did with a 13-year-old blogger and writer, Aletheianna Mercy. Aletheianna has a blog called Notes of a Feather Pen that was recently launched. She shares writing tips, prompts, and more! If you’re interested, you can find her…

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  • Interview with K.M. Weiland

    Hey friends! Today I have a special post for you: an exclusive interview with K.M. Weiland, the second installment in my blogging series about outlining. I had the amazing pleasure of interviewing Katie this past week, and it was super cool to hear her thoughts on outlining your…

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  • Author Spotlight: Laura Martin

    Well… guess what! I’m doing my first author spotlight post! This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Laura Martin, the author of On the Edge of Extinction, one of my favorite books! Laura Martin is an amazing writer, and I’m so excited for you guys to get…

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