I’ve Officially Reached 100 Subscribers! (Plus Blog News)

Hello readers, I have some exciting news for you today! I’ve finally reached a goal I’ve been trying to reach for a long time!






Isn’t that just amazing?! I have no idea if you all are as excited as I am right now, but I just have to say that I’m super thrilled about this!

It’s been six years of blogging. SIX YEARS. I started out with just a few family members following my blog, and now I have 100!

It’s been a long blogging journey. There have been ups, and there have been downs. I’ve changed the look of my blog, changed the topics of my blog, deleted and added posts and pages… it’s been a lot.

And now… I’ve finally made it! I have a full 100 subscribers, thanks to you.

That’s right. Thanks to you, I have now gotten my first 100 subscribers. I honestly couldn’t have done it without you all. You’ve helped by subscribing, spreading the word, and just being a great audience. Thank you all, so, so much. You don’t know how grateful I am to you for helping me out on my blogging journey.

So remember when I said I would launch my monthly newsletter once I got to 100 subscribers? Well, I’ve been working on it! I’m hoping that my email newsletter will be ready to launch by next week. You will need to sign up for my newsletter seperately from my blog, so keep a look out for when I announce that so you can sign up!

So now that I’ve finally told you my big news, I have a few other things to announce.

A Few Quick Announcements

Firstly, don’t forget to submit for my short story contest which is now underway! All you need to do is write your story and go to my Contact Page to submit it. The deadline is July 20th, so don’t forget!

Secondly, I’ve been working on my Free Resources page (which is not online currently), and I am adding some more awesome resources to it. But I want to know what resources you would want. What would you like to see on my Free Resources page? Let me know in the comments!

Lastly is another announcement I have, and even though it’s not about my blog it’s equally important. My friend Adele runs a fun newspaper for kids called The Lamp Post. She has been working super hard on the Summer issue of her newspaper, but she’s short on submissions.

That’s where you come in. Even if you’re not a writer, even if you don’t think you would have anything to give to The Lamp Post, I ask that you take the time to send in a short submission to Adele. It can be anything from a short story and poetry to artwork and non-fiction articles. It doesn’t have to be long, because everyone’s submissions add up. But if you’re willing to take the time to write something, please submit it to The Lamp Post! You can do that by contacting Adele through her Contact Page.


Well, thank you all so much for reading! I’m super excited about reaching 100 subscribers, and I can’t wait to continue my blogging journey and grow my platform even more. This is only the beginning!

So thank you all again, and have a wonderful week! Oh, and to celebrate, I have a few fun questions for you to answer in the comments:

What has been your favorite post on Pen & Ink so far? What would you like to see more of? What would you like to see in my newsletter?

45 responses to “I’ve Officially Reached 100 Subscribers! (Plus Blog News)”

  1. Autumn Rebecca Avatar

    This is so awesome, Annabelle!! ❤️

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Yeah, it really is! Thanks, Autumn!

      1. Autumn Rebecca Avatar

        Of course! Have you been doing well?

        1. Annabelle Avatar

          Yes, I have, although I’ve been pretty busy. But I’m really close to finishing the second to last draft of my novel, so that’s exciting! And of course, my newsletter will be ready to send soon! How are you doing?

          1. Autumn Rebecca Avatar

            I feel you on the busyness, but I’ve been good as well. My family and I are going on a long vacation soon, so I’m getting excited. I’m glad you’ve been doing good! All those things are super exciting.

            1. Annabelle Avatar

              Ooh, that sounds so fun! I hope everything goes well on your vacation.

  2. Isabella Avatar

    Woohoo! Congratulations, Annabelle!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Thank you, Isabella!

  3. Rosie @ Fiddling on the Farm Avatar

    Hi Annabelle! Congrats on reaching 100 subscribers! I had NO idea you’ve been running for six years! Your current blog archive only goes to June of 2021, so I assumed you had another blog before Pen & Ink! I was wondering if in celebration of reaching 100 subscribers, you could create a blog button? Just a thought!
    Thank you so much Annabelle, I always enjoy reading your wonderful posts, and again, congrats on reaching your goal!
    Rosie @ Fiddling on the Farm
    – Also, I recently tagged you for the Sunshine Blogger Tag, just so you know! 🙂 (https://fiddlingonthefarm.wixsite.com/blog/post/sunshine-blogger-tag-thank-you-erin-story-of-a-christian-girl)

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Yep, this blog has been going for quite a long time, although there have been a few times I haven’t posted consistently. Yeah, in 2021 I redid my blog and changed pretty much everything about it, making all my previous posts private. So that’s why you can only see back till June 2021.

      That’s a good idea to create a blog button, except I don’t typically do those for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) reasons. But thanks for the idea!

      Thank you so much! And thanks for tagging me for the Sunshine Blogger Tag! I think I’ll have to pass on doing it because I already have a ton of other tags to catch up on, but I appreciate you thinking of me! Maybe I can still leave my answers to the questions in the comments of your post, though.

  4. Sawyer Avatar

    Hi Annabelle! My name is Sawyer! So nice to meet you. Your about me page is just about the same as me. I love toby mac and Andy Grammer. I have three siblings, All boys. We have lived in our Rv for 2 yrs! We relate so much! I am 13 and a christian as well. Also Congrats!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Wow, that’s so cool, Sawyer! It’s so fun meeting people that are so similar to me.

      1. Sawyer Avatar

        Yeah I know!

  5. Emma Avatar

    Good job, Annabelle!! I am excited for what the future holds. 😀

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Thank you! Me too!

  6. meredithgundale Avatar

    I’m so glad you stuck with it after so many years to glorify God through your talent! Keep it up!!!!!!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Thanks, Meredith! 😀

  7. Ava Coulter Avatar

    EEEP ANNABELLE I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU HOW THRILLED I AM FOR YOU!!! You totally deserve it too. I can tell how much time and though you put into your posts. And yes, this is only the beginning! *Showers you in chocolate and confetti* Congrats, girl! I CANNOT wait for your newsletter!!!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Thanks so much, Ava! 😀 I’m super excited to send out my newsletter too! *eats all the chocolate and re-throws all the confetti*

  8. Lillian-Keith Avatar

    Wow, that’s so exciting, Annabelle!! Congratulations!! You totally earned this, and I can’t wait to see your newsletter!

    Also, congrats to Adele! I wish her the best with her newspaper!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Yeah, thanks! I’m super happy right now.

  9. Lily Whynaucht Avatar

    Yay, Annabelle!!!! So happy for you!!!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Thanks, Lily!!!

  10. roseqaddams Avatar

    I’m really psyched! Good job!
    *side hug*

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Thanks so much! *side hug back*

  11. Patty baerg Avatar

    Amazing! So proud of you!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Thanks! 🙂

  12. Kevin Baerg Avatar

    Congratulations Annabelle! A great accomplishment and you are just getting started! Proud of you and your consistency!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Thanks so much! It’s been a wonderful journey, and I can’t wait for it to continue.

  13. Adele H Avatar


  14. Amelia Avatar


    But ooh, Adele’s newspaper sounds cool! 😀

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Haha, thank you! I only mentioned doing the newsletter once, but I definitely still want to start doing it. XD

      Yeah, Adele’s newspaper is epic!

  15. The Rainy Day Writer Avatar

    Congrats!!!!!!! Great job, Annabelle!!!!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Thanks! 😀

  16. Saraina Avatar

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That’s so thrilling!!! 😀

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Yeah, it is! Thanks!

  17. Adele H Avatar


    1. Annabelle Avatar

      You’re very welcome! I was glad to do it!

  18. TashaVanKesteren Avatar


    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Thanks! Yep, that’s my next goal!

      1. TashaVanKesteren Avatar

        You got this!!!

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