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  • Using Real-Life People as Characters in your Story

    I recently read a book called Gulliver Wimple and the Gems of Dara Mhor by Gary Bower (who, by the way, lives here in Michigan). I highly recommend the book, and to read more about it, you can visit my Book Recommendations post. Gary Bower actually uses a very…

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  • How to Keep an Idea Journal for your Story

    Have you ever had an awesome idea for your story while you were out running errands or just away from home, and then when you get home and are ready to implicate your idea, you’ve completely forgotten what it was? Writers often do this, and after a while,…

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  • How to Create Relatable Characters in your Story

    Creating relatable characters is one of the most vital parts of writing your story. If readers aren’t able to relate to your characters, then the story will be boring for them and then they won’t want to read it. So here are a few tips on how you…

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  • Character Flaws List: 30 Different Character Flaws to Use for your Fictional Character

    Every character in your story, regardless of whether they are the bad guy or good guy, needs at least one flaw. Every human person has flaws, even if it seems like they don’t. Some are more obvious, and others are less. But if you want your fictional character…

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  • How to Create a Realistic Fantasy World (With Map Pictures)

    Have you ever struggled to create a fantasy world that is not only new and exciting but feels real? Well, if you have, then this article should help with that. Every fantasy world is different. Some are very similar to earth with a few minor changes, and others…

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  • 2 Basic Character Chart Templates

    I am a person who loves to plan. For me, it’s hard to not have everything planned out and sketched out for my stories. I like everything to be organized. For each character I make, I try to create some kind of character chart/description to use for my…

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  • How to Write an Opening Sentence for Your Story

    One of the hardest parts of writing a fictional story is figuring out what to write in the opening sentence. How do you write something that will instantly intrigue and excite your readers? There are lots of ways you can begin your story, but here are five of…

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  • Writing in First Person vs. Third Person

    When I started writing my most recent novel, Identity, I couldn’t decide which viewpoint to write in: first person or third person. I had used third person in the past, but that was mainly because it was what I knew and was used in most books I read.…

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  • 40+ Books for Teenage Readers

    This post is about my favorite books for teenage readers like myself. Everyone needs a good book, and that includes teenage readers too. That’s why I’m helping all of you by giving you a long list of recommended books for teenage readers. I’ve organized the books in alphabetical…

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