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Get to Know Me Tag – Writer’s Edition

You all probably have seen that I’ve been trying not to do too many blog tags lately… but I was recently tagged for this one by Joelle Stone (Sword of the Penmaiden), and it looked like fun.

In case you don’t know what a blog tag is, allow me to explain. A blog tag is like a challenge that bloggers do. A blogger can create a tag by giving a list of questions in a post and “tagging” other bloggers to answer those questions. Then those bloggers can answer the questions in a post and tag even more bloggers, and it just goes on and on.

So, now let’s get to the rules for this tag!

The Rules

  • Link back to the person who created the tag.
  • Thank the person who tagged you. (Thanks, Joelle!)
  • Share the tag graphic.
  • Tag eleven bloggers.

The Questions

Vital Stats and Appearance

Name: Annabelle Batie

Nicknames: Umm… that one is difficult. I have the simple, respectful nicknames: Anna, Bella, Bell, etc. And then I have the more strange nicknames: Ocean Baby Princess Y’all, Earrings Girl, Winnie, Richette, Bananabelle, Catastrophe, Bella Ann Bun, Grammar Girl (and variations such as Grammy, Grammarly, Grammar Geek, and Spellcheck), Miz Poet Lady, and Pinkie. (Whew, that was a lot! If anyone wants to hear the stories behind any one of these nicknames, please feel free to comment below asking about it!)

Birthday: May 9th, 2008

Hair color and length: My hair is brown mostly… but it’s kind of a light brown color. (Some people call that dirty blond. I don’t.) It’s a little below shoulder length right now.

Eye color: Uhh… I’m not actually sure about this one. I think my eyes might be a sort of brownish-greenish color?

Braces/piercings/tattoos: No braces right now (yay!), but I do have my ears pierced. I love wearing earrings, (as you may have guessed from my nickname “Earrings Girl”.

Righty or lefty: Righty.

Ethnicity: American/Canadian. One of my grandparents is Canadian, and all the others are American (as far as I know).


First novel written: The Big Adventure. I wrote it when I was eight. I called it a “novel”, but it was really only about 40 pages long.

First novel completed: If you could call The Big Adventure a novel, then that would be my first. But my current WIP, Identity, has also been (mostly) finished and will be published in a few months! Identity is really the first novel I’ve completed, speaking technically.

Award for writing: I don’t think I have one yet…

First publication: I don’t really remember! I think my first published article (besides the ones here on Pen & Ink) was How to Edit Your Novel: the Complete Step-by-Step Guide on Kingdom Pen.

Conference: I haven’t gone to a writing conference in person yet, but I have participated in some online.


Novel (that you wrote): Dang, that’s hard. I think if I had to choose… it would be Identity.

Genre: Everything! No, just kidding. I write/read Christian fantasy, Young Adult, Middle Grade, Action/Adventure, Science Fiction, Romance, and probably a few other random genres.

Author: Andrew Peterson! I also like J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, S.D. Smith, Jennifer A. Nielsen, Gary Bower, Laura Martin… I could go on and on.

Writing Music: I like to listen to instrumental music, especially piano (since that’s an instrument I can play fairly well). A lot of the time I listen to playlists on Spotify created by Saraina or Ava Coulter. I also have my own playlists for each one of my WIPs that I use often.

Time To Write: Definitely morning! I normally get up at six, write for an hour or two while the rest of my family is still in bed, then after that I’ll eat breakfast and do school and stuff. Sometimes I write in the evenings too, if I’m not too busy.

Writing Snack/Drink: Chai Tea!

Movie: I’m not a huge movie fan… but I do really like the Chronicles of Narnia movies. 

Childhood Book: (I’m not a child anymore?!?!?!) Okay, when I was really young, though, I really liked Go, Dog, Go!, Green Eggs and Ham, The Eye Book, and a few other books that I probably don’t remember.


Reading: Well… I’m actually not reading anything right now hehe… mostly because of the scarcity of good books, and the fact that I’m too busy editing Identity to find a lot of time for it.

Writing: Identity, The Keeper of the Phantom Reef (Book 2 in Daughters of the Sea), Thunderstorm (I just started drafting this one. I probably won’t finish it or focus too heavily on it until Identity is published), Between Universes (a collaboration with my friend Luella. I’m taking a break from this one also until Identity is published, but I’ll resume writing that in February.), Sea of Rubies (another collaboration project with my friends Sarah, Gwyn, Sam, and Madelyn. I am also taking a break from this one.)

Listening to: TobyMac!!! (Especially his new album, Life After Death).

Watching: I started watching Wargames, which is a science fiction movie, that my dad apparently really enjoys. Other than that, I haven’t really watched much TV. Unless you count all the random times I scroll through YouTube.

Learning: How editing a book is not as easy as it sounds. XD


Want To Be Published: For sure!

Indie or Traditional: Probably indie… although I may switch to traditional based on how well that works for me. At this point, I’m kind of experimenting.

Wildest Goal: To become famous?? XD

The Tags

(Man, Joelle already tagged all the people I considered tagging lol)

And there you are! The Get To Know Me Tag!

Did you enjoy this tag? What are some of your nicknames? What’s your favorite time to write? Have you heard of TobyMac? Let me know in the comments below!

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18 responses to “Get to Know Me Tag – Writer’s Edition”

  1. Lillian Keith Avatar

    I remember reading Go, Dog, Go and Green Eggs and Ham lol. This was a fun tag! Thanks for sharing, Annabelle (and Merry Christmas!)

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Yes, those books were so much fun. XD Thank you for reading, Lillian, and Happy Holidays!

  2. Adele H Avatar

    OMW Thank you soooo much, Annabelle! I look forward to doing this!!!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Of course! I hope you have fun doing it! 🙂

  3. Rosie @ Fiddling on the Farm Avatar

    Ooooooo! This is such a fun tag, I’m so glad you did it Annabelle! I enjoyed getting to know a little more about you! Wow! You have a LOT of nicknames! 🙂 And thumbs up on Andrew Peterson!!! The Wingfeather Saga is AWESOME! I’m currently re-reading it for the second time, and I still LOVE it! It’s definitely in my top three favorites next to The Green Ember series by S.D Smith and The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart… have you read either of those?
    Well, before I get into a long comment about books, have a great holiday season! <3
    Rosie @ Fiddling on the Farm

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Thanks so much for reading, Rosie! Yes, the Wingfeather Saga still stands as my favorite book series! I also love the Green Ember (I’ve probably read it a hundred times now), and the Mysterious Benedict Society has been on my list to read for a while. 🙂

      Hey, I love long comments about books! (Trust me, I’ve been known for writing “those types of comments”.) Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  4. Grace A. Johnson Avatar

    Loved getting to know you, Annabelle!! Thanks so much for the tag! 😀

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Thanks, and you’re welcome!

  5. Ava Coulter Avatar
    Ava Coulter

    Ohh chai tea is just the best!! Tea in general is just the best. XD

    Aww I’m so happy you listen to my playlists! < 3

    And wow, getting up a 6 in the morning takes serious dedication like Saraina said. That's definitely something I'm trying to be better about.

    I'm cheering you on with Identity!!! You're sooo close! I can't WAIT to read it.

    Fun post! I enjoyed reading it!

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Agreed!!! 😀

      Of course!

      Yep, like I said, it’s just a habit, and it’s what works for me. Everyone has a different time of day that works for them to write.

      Thanks!! I am so excited to get it published!!

      Thanks for reading!

      1. Ava Coulter Avatar
        Ava Coulter

        That’s so true. For me it’s probably in the afternoon XP

        Of course, girl!!! Happy holidays! 😀

  6. Saraina Whitney Avatar

    Haha, those nicknames are awesome!! I love wearing earrings too…I’m kinda surprised no one has decided to make a nickname for me based off that XD *eagerly waits for your reply to Amelia’s comment so I can discover the story behind those two nicknames*

    Aww, I’m so happy you listen to my playlists!! And yess, Ava’s are fabulous! (Oh, and speaking of music, I’ve been listening to TobyMac’s Life After Death too! My favorites are The Goodness and Cornerstone! What are yours?)

    GIRL, that takes some dedication to get up at 6 and write that early in the morning! Good for you!! I don’t know if I could do that…I’m not a morning person, no matter how much I try to be

    Awesome post, Annabelle!!! 😀

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Yes lol, earrings are great! And I just sent a long reply to Amelia, so feel free to read that. XD

      Of course! Yes, I love those songs! My favorite is probably either Life On It or The Goodness… although I also like Show Up, Choose Love. They’re all good!

      Thanks lol. It’s just a habit that’s kind of stuck with me.

      Thank you for reading! 😀 Merry Christmas!

      1. Saraina Whitney Avatar

        I read your reply to her! That’s hilarious!!

        Oh yess, those are good songs!! I’m still learning the lyrics to them all XD

        Merry Christmas to you as well!! <3

  7. Amelia Avatar

    You were born in May?? *high fives you* Sweet!

    Okay … Ocean Baby Princess Y’all and Catastrophe … I must know the origins of such fascinating nicknames please LOL. (Also, I perceive you’re a grammar nerd from those grammar nicknames. Especially Grammarly. Awesome. XD)

    Ooh, you might have hazel eyes! Or some form of heterochromia. 😀 Maybe central heterochromia.

    Ahhh, this tag was cute!! I love it! And oh, dear, editing has been rough. I should give you motivational chocolate. OOH, MOTIVATIONAL CHRISTMAS CANDY!! *hauls in an entire wheelbarrow full of Christmas candy*

    1. Annabelle Avatar

      Lol yes… those nicknames are quite something. XD Ocean Baby Princess Y’all came into existence a couple years ago by a couple of guy friends. I don’t remember all the exact details… but I’m pretty sure we were swimming at a pool, and me and some of my girlfriends were trying to set up a game of mermaids. I was going to be the mermaid princess, but the problem was, we couldn’t think of a good name for me. So the boys came over to “save the day” and help me pick out a name. They all wanted me to be called “Ocean Baby”. I didn’t like this name, but I went along with it anyway. Later, they added princess to the name, and it just stuck. For a long time, I was Ocean Baby Princess. Then, a few years later, one of the guys suddenly decided to add “Y’all” to the name. I still have no idea why. XD

      So that’s the story behind Ocean Baby Princess Y’all. As for Catastrophe… well, that one is from my younger brother. XD He needed a horrible nickname for me that he wouldn’t get in trouble with my mom for.

      You’re right, I probably do have hazel eyes! (Or one of those other colors you mentioned that I cannot pronounce. XD)

      Thanks so much for reading! *eats all of your Christmas candy*

      1. Amelia Avatar

        Oh, my. I need laughing emojis right now, but I have none because I’m on my laptop. XDXDXD I was going to say the y’all was added because you’re in the South, but then I realized Michigan isn’t in the South.
        Wait, is it … *checks the Internet*
        Okay, it is definitely not part of the North LOL.

        Wow, your brother really wanted a nickname for you like that. XDXDXD Ahhh, children. So … creative.

        He-te-roe-chroe-mi-ah. XD (That’s probably not technically right, but I don’t have all pronunciation encoded in me. XD)

        You’re welcome! Oh, dear, please don’t make yourself sick LOL.

        1. Annabelle Avatar

          I know, it’s so funny! And no, Michigan is definitely not in the south. XD

          Yes. Creative is the way to put it.

          Oh, I’m fine. All my fourteen years of eating candy have prepared me for this. (But don’t worry, I wouldn’t actually eat the entire wheelbarrow of candy in real life XD)