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  • 5 Tips for Unmotivated Writers – Guest Post by Miley Simmonds

    Hey there, readers! Today I will be sharing a guest post from my good friend, Miley Simmonds. I’m super excited to share this post with you, as I think a lot of beginning writers struggle with motivation. I know I do, and I’ve been writing for several years…

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  • A Week Away (Movie Review)

    What’s up, readers?! I have come to you today with a review of one of my new favorite movies, A Week Away. Everyone in my small group at church was raving about this musical, so I decided it was definitely worth a try to watch it! I was…

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  • Blog Spotlight: Ava Coulter

    Hey all! Today I will be spotlighting the blog of the amazing Ava Coulter! I have been following Ava’s blog since the beginning of October, and I love her content! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to spotlight it here on Pen & Ink. So without further ado,…

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  • Identity Sales Update + New WIP

    I’m glad to say that March has been a very successful month so far. My recently published novel, Identity, has received way more sales than I originally expected! I’m excited to see where the Lord takes this book, and I hope that it reaches the many people out…

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  • Spotlight: Rise of the Living Wood by Kylie Beevers

    Hey there, readers! Today I get to spotlight the second edition of the book Rise of the LivingWood by Kylie Beevers, which is part of her series, The LivingWood Chronicles. I’m super excited to share about the second edition of this book, which was just released at the…

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  • Identity Blog Tour Wrap-Up

    I’m happy to say that Identity‘s release tour was very successful! I got lots of great feedback and orders on my book, and it was so much fun reading everyone’s posts and comments! Thank you to everyone who has participated in the tour; you all took time out…

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  • Identity Release Day + Tour Kickoff

    It’s finally here!!! My book, Identity, has been published! I have dreamed of writing this post for almost three years now, and I’m actually able to write it–and publish it–now! Let’s take a look at the final cover and blurb of my book: Maria Brooks is just a…

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  • Book Review: Tell Me You Love Me Anthology

    Hey readers! It’s been a little while. I hope you all are doing well! In today’s post, we get to discuss the Tell Me You Love Me Anthology which was recently published by author Grace A. Johnson. So let’s jump straight into the review! We’ll start with the…

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  • Identity Release Update (IMPORTANT!)

    I am writing this post to tell you all some very important news: my novel, Identity, is going to be released later than I had originally planned for. In order to release the very best for you, I’ve decided to move the release date forward to March 1st.…

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  • Interview with Kaytlin Phillips (Writers’ Vision Blog Tour)

    Hey readers! Today I will be sharing an interview I recently did with the author Kaytlin Phillips. As some of you may know, I prefer to interview authors either in person, or on a video call, and then transcribe it later. That way it feels more personal. So that’s…

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