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  • The Bookworm’s Tag

    Hey everyone! I have officially been tagged in a blogger tag challenge, the Bookworm Blog Tag! I am super excited about this, as I have never participated in any blog tags before, let alone one a bookworm blog tag! And thanks to Joelle at Sword of the Penmaiden…

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  • Help Me Get to 100 Subscribers

    I’ve had a goal ever since I started blogging to get to 100 email subscribers. I have wanted to share my writing with the world for so long, and the more people I am able to reach, the better! That’s why I want your help to accomplish my…

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  • 9 of my Favorite Young Writer Blogs

    There are tons of blogs out there, but often the best ones never get noticed. I love blogging, but I also love reading other people’s blogs. There are plenty of young writer blogs out there which are so amazing, but they don’t always get noticed as much as…

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  • I Wrote an Article for Kingdom Pen

    When you read the title of this blog post, you might think that I actually, finally got around to publishing my novel, Identity. Sadly, not yet. I’m still working on that. But what I did do, is the next best thing: have my writing featured on another website!…

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  • 4 Things You Need to Know When Starting a Blog

    I recently had someone ask me about my blog and if it was hard at first when I had no followers except friends and family. My answer to the second question was yes. Blogging was, and is, hard, and keeping up with it is even harder. But with…

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Hi, I’m Annabelle Batie, and welcome to my blog! I’m a homeschooled freshman with a huge passion for Jesus! I love all things related to writing, reading, and books. I hope you enjoy my blog!


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